Grade 8 isiZulu

Grade 8 isiZulu

4 Seasons

Learning isiZulu enhances bilingualism and intercultural communication, especially in the South African landscape as it is the most widely spoken first language in South Africa. Basic reading and writing skills are developed but listening and speaking skills are focused on intensively through the exploration of various topics and themes. The goal is to encourage meaningful communication in isiZulu.

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Grade 8 isiZulu
  • Ukubaluleka kokulalela / Listening comprehension

    Episode 1

    Listening Comprehension - In this lesson you will learn the importance of listening, how it helps to be able to listen with understanding, and what you do while listening to a teacher read to you from an episode. In this lesson you will also learn what to expect from a comprehensive listening cou...

  • Inkulumo-Ngqo Inkulumo miko kanye nezimpawu zokuloba

    Episode 2

    In this tutorial you will know what direct and indirect speeches is and also see examples that will show you the difference between a direct speech and a direct speech. In this lesson you will also find the punctuation we have in Zulu as well as the different ways in which they work in a sentence...

  • Isandiso / Adverbs

    Episode 3

    In this tutorial you will learn more about the different extensions we have in Zulu and examples of each adverb.

    Kulesi sifundo uzokwazi kabanzi ngezandiso ezahlukene esinazo kusiZulu kanye nezibonelo sesandiso ngasinye.

  • Ukuhumusha umbhalo ebonakalayo (Ikhathuni) / Visual text translation (Cartoon)

    Episode 4

    Interpreting a picture - We are learning about the techniques used when translating visual text, and know what to look for when analyzing this type of text which could be the background, characters and more.

    Ukuhumusha isithombe – kule sifundo uzokwazi ukuthi uma sikhuluma ngekhathuni sisuke si...

  • Izinkathi Zesenzo / Verb tenses

    Episode 5

    Verb tenses - find out about verbs and the different types of verbs we have in Zulu that will be related to examples.

    Izinkathi zesenzo – lapha uzothola ukuthi sisuke sikhuluma ngani uma sikhuluma ngezinkathi zesenzo kanye nezinhlobo ezahlukene zazo izinkathi zesenzo esinazo kusiZulu ezizobe zih...

  • Izindlela Zesenzo / doing Words (Verbs)

    Episode 6

    Find out how verbs work in a sentence and know the different verbs we have in Zulu and examples of each verb.

    Izindlela zesenzo – kule sifundo uzothola ukuthi isenzo sisebenza kanjani emshweni siveze izindlela ezahlukene zesenzo esinazo kusiZulu kanye nezibonelo zendlela yesenzo ngayinye.

  • Isikhangiso / ​​Advertisement

    Episode 7

    Advertisement - know what the purpose of the ad is, what/who the ad is for. In this tutorial you will also learn the basics of advertising and the different marketing methods.

    Isikhangiso – lana uzokwazi ukuthi yini inhloso yesikhangiso, senzelwani nokuthi senzelwa bani isikhangiso. Kuso le sifu...

  • Izibizwana Nezifinyezo / Pronouns and Abbreviations

    Episode 8

    Pronouns and abbreviations - You will learn what are pronouns are and the different types of pronouns we have in Zulu. In this tutorial you will also find various summaries.

    Isabizwana nezifinyezo – kule sifundo uzokwazi ukuthi siyini isabizwa kanye nezinhlobo ezahlukene zezabizwana esinazo ku...

  • Ukubhala iphephandaba / Writing a newspaper article

    Episode 9

    Find out what a newspaper article is, the structure and style in which you should write your newspaper article and an example of a newspaper article.

    Isiqephu sephephandaba – lana uzokwazi ukuthi siyini isiqephu sephephandaba, isakhiwo nesitayela okufanele ubhale ngaso isiqephu sakho sephephanda...