Grade 9 isiZulu

Grade 9 isiZulu

4 Seasons

This level focuses on building a solid foundation in language skills, including listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Zulu. learners will delve into the intricacies of Zulu grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, enabling them to communicate effectively in both everyday conversations and more formal settings.

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Grade 9 isiZulu
  • Isandiso / Adverbs

    Episode 1

    Today we will be learning about extension. Under the adverb we will look at the three adverbs we have in Heaven: The adverb of place – where? , Adverb of tense – when? , we ended with an adverb - how?

    Namhlanje sobe sifunda ngesandiso. Ngaphansi kwesandiso sizobheka izandiso ezintathu esinazo es...

  • Incwadi yobungani / Friendly letter

    Episode 2

    After this lesson, you will know the following: Who do we write a letter of friendship to, Why do we write a letter of friendship,

    The most important thing to have in a friendship book is that
    what should you do if you are going to write a friendship letter.
    What to do After writing the first at...

  • Isivumelwano Senhloko / Agreements

    Episode 3

    Ngemuva kwalesi sifundo uzokwazi siyini isivumelwano senhloko.
    uzokwazi ukuthi sibonakala noma usithola kanjani kwinhloko yomusho.
    Izivumelwano zenhloko zamabizo ahlukahlukene esiZulu. Sibheke isivumelwano zeziqalo zamabizo ezahlukahlukene. Bese sigcine ngokusebenzisa Izivumelwano emshweni.

  • Imiyalelo / Instructions

    Episode 4

    After this lesson we will also know the following:
    what is the order? ,Why do we say that a recipe is an instruction?
    Important things when making a recipe, we will also look at an example of a recipe.
    then we close our lesson with an additional lesson.

    Ngemuva kwalesi sifundo sizokwazi nakho o...

  • Omhumnini nenani / Ownership

    Episode 5

    Under the owner we will look at the following: how to create Zulu sentences expressing ownership, changing the words in brackets
    written in English to create sentences expressing ownership in Zulu. We have answered the question sentences so that their answers show ownership.

    Ngaphansi kongumnin...

  • Umlando kamufi / History of the deceased

    Episode 6

    After this course you will know, the history of the deceased, what is important to say in the history of the deceased about the dead person.
    you will know the order of the history of the deceased, which you must be aware of when writing the history of the deceased.
    We will write an example of th...

  • Ukufinqa / Summary

    Episode 7

    We will learn to summarise , instructions to follow when summarising.
    We will look at an example of a passage you will summarise. We also look at quoted and translated answers.
    and we end with an example of a summary.

    Lana sizo funda ukufingqa. ,imiyalelo okumele uyilandele uma ufingqa.

  • Ucwaningo ithaskhi 6 no 7 / Research

    Episode 8

    Here we will look at what research is, we will look at what you should do in the first phase of your research.
    Then we continue with the second and third sections. Then we will end the lesson on sources of information that you can use.

    Lapha sizobheka ukuthi yini ucwaningo, sizobheka okufanele u...

  • Isibanjalo / Adjectives

    Episode 9

    This year we will be reminding each other of the adverbs and exclamations. After this lesson you will know the following:

    What is a adjective?
    An adjective based on nouns
    Derived from a pronoun
    Locally derived
    Derived from compounds
    And derived from adjective and adverbs

    Lana sizobe sikhumbuza...

  • Inkombandlela / Directions

    Episode 10

    After this lesson you will know the order, the direction, we will learn to order and be ordered easily, how should it be?
    let's continue with the example guide. and we close with the student work of the guide.

    Ngemuva kwalesi sifundo uzokwazi umyalelo , inkombandlela , sizofunda ukulayela nokula...