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Watch this video and more on Spongein

Grade 9 Afrikaans.

Lidwoorde en Telwoorde


Up Next in Term 2

  • Bywoorde

    In this lesson, we learn about the different adverbs, also known as adverbs, namely the adverbs of time, place, and manner.

    In hierdie les leer ons van die verskillende bywoorde, ook bekend as adverbs, naamlik die bywoorde van tyd, plek en wyse.

  • Ontkennende Vorm

    The negative form is extremely important in the Afrikaans language. In Afrikaans, we use a double negative, and in this lesson, we will learn more about it.

    Ontkennende vorm is vreeslik belangrik in die Afrikaanse taal. In Afrikaans maak ons gebruik van ‘n dubbel negatief, en in hierdie les gaan...

  • Werkwoorde

    Today we are learning about verbs and how to use them in our different sentences as well as STOMPI.

    Vandag leer ons van werkwoorde en hoe om hulle in ons verskillende sinne sowel as STOMPI te gebruik.