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Watch this video and more on Spongein

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  • Gravitational force

    Gravitational force causes things to fall down towards the Earth and prevents us from falling off the planet is the gravitational force. Gravitational forces exist between any two objects with mass and they are forces of attraction (pull). In this lesson we take a closer look at gravitational for...

  • Magnetic forces

    The magnetic force is a consequence of the electromagnetic force, one of the four fundamental forces of nature, and is caused by the motion of charges. Two objects containing charge with the same direction of motion have a magnetic attraction force between them. In this lesson we take a look at m...

  • Electrostatic forces

    Electrostatic forces are non-contact forces; they pull or push on objects without touching them.We take a look at the forces that exists between objects that are charged. We also revise some concept son static electricity form grade 8.