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Watch this video and more on Spongein

Grade 8 English

Active and passive voice

8m 32s

Up Next in Term 2

  • Cartoon analysis

    Visual literacy requires learners to make meaning from images. This lesson, we will focus on cartoons, and look at the language devices used to create deeper meaning such as humour, satire, wit or even irony, in order to develop learners’ critical skills.

  • Descriptive Essay

    Descriptive writing involves paying close attention to the details by using all of your five senses, in order to make your essay more interesting and engaging. In this lesson we will use our five senses to develop a descriptive piece.

  • PEEL paragraph (literature paragraph)

    Peel paragraph is a method used for writing literature paragraphs, in order to help structure paragraphs in a way that presents a single, clear and focused argument. It ensures that every point/argument presented is followed by evidence, analysis and conclusion.