Grade 8 English

Grade 8 English

4 Seasons

English is the most common language used across the globe in various interactions whether it be on the internet, in entertainment, first encounters, in business or politically. For this reason, it is important to be able to speak, read and write it correctly. This subject produces students who are able to think critically and creatively, practice various verbal skills, develop research skills and develop an appreciation for poetry and literature. Students also gain sound general knowledge while staying up to date with current affairs.

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Grade 8 English
  • Phrases and Clauses

    Episode 1

    Phrases and clauses are the building blocks of sentences as they provide structure and meaning. In this lesson we will distinguish the difference between phrases and clauses and use examples to identify them.

  • Sentence Types

    Episode 2

    There are three different types of sentences (simple, compound and complex), in this lesson we will be using examples to be able to identify and even look at how to use the different types of sentences in writing.

  • Parts of Speech: Verbs

    Episode 3

    Parts of speech are important in English, like the phrase itself, they form part of our speech. In this lesson, we will focus on verbs by discussing the different types of verbs.

  • Friendly letter

    Episode 4

    Develop your writing skills and techniques to be able to produce a well-written transactional piece which is why this lesson will focus on the elements of transactional writing to help you enhance your writing.

  • Summary Writing

    Episode 5

    Good summaries give the reader enough information without having to read more than needed. Having to write a good summary requires being able to distinguish between the relevant and the irrelevant ideas. This lesson will guide you on how to write a solid summary.

  • Subject and verb agreement (concord)

    Episode 6

    Avoid making the common grammar mistakes that have to do with the sibject berb aggrement. This lesson will help you to grammatically ensure that the verb and the subject agree by looking at the rules that apply for concord.

  • Parts of Speech: Adjectives

    Episode 7

    Adjectives spice things up as they tell us more about the noun. This lesson will help you distinguish the different types of adjectives and their functions which will allow you to be able to identify them in a test or even use them to enhance your writing.

  • Parts of Speech: Adverbs

    Episode 8

    Adverbs are known as words that modify the verb in this lesson, we look at the ways in which adverbs modify a verb, adverb or an adjective.

  • Tenses

    Episode 9

    In grammar, we use tenses to express time reference. They are usually expressed by the use of specific forms of verbs which are categorised as past, present and future tense. In this lesson, we will look at the different types of tenses in depth.

  • Comprehension Skills

    Episode 10

    Comprehensions show understanding of what you have read through answering questions correctly. This lesson will help you approach comprehension with confidence by looking at different types of questions and giving you tips on how to answer them more effectively.