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Watch this video and more on Spongein

Grade 8 English

Summary Writing

8m 5s

Up Next in Term 1

  • Subject and verb agreement (concord)

    Avoid making the common grammar mistakes that have to do with the sibject berb aggrement. This lesson will help you to grammatically ensure that the verb and the subject agree by looking at the rules that apply for concord.

  • Parts of Speech: Adjectives

    Adjectives spice things up as they tell us more about the noun. This lesson will help you distinguish the different types of adjectives and their functions which will allow you to be able to identify them in a test or even use them to enhance your writing.

  • Parts of Speech: Adverbs

    Adverbs are known as words that modify the verb in this lesson, we look at the ways in which adverbs modify a verb, adverb or an adjective.