Grade 12 Life Sciences

Grade 12 Life Sciences

4 Seasons

Grade 12 Life Sciences covers a range of biological concepts and processes and covers topics such as Meiosis, Reproduction in Vertebrates, Human Reproduction, Responding to the Environment (Humans), Human Endocrine System, Homeostasis in Humans, Responding to the Environment (Plants), Human Impact on Environment and DNA: Code of Life, Meiosis, Genetics and Inheritance, Evolution to prepare you for your final examinations.

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Grade 12 Life Sciences
  • Heredity and Mendel

    Episode 1

    In this lesson, we look at the structure of the genome and the chromosomes of organisms and we also take a look at the different laws of Mendel and how these laws explain how characteristics are inherited from the parents to and offspring.

  • Genetic diagrams and monohybrid crosses

    Episode 2

    We discuss the structure of genetic diagrams and use the diagrams to show inheritance in monohybrid crosses to determine the percentage chance of an offspring inheriting a specific characteristic from their parents.

  • Monohybrid crosses

    Episode 3

    We investigate crosses between individuals when there is incomplete dominance between the different characteristics and what the phenotypes will look like in such cases. We do the same with co-dominant traits.

  • Genetic crosses: Inheritance of sex and multiple alleles

    Episode 4

    We take a look at how the sex of an individual is determined and we also investigate genetic crosses where multiple alleles exist for example blood types in humans

  • Dihybrid crosses and pedigree diagrams

    Episode 5

    We discuss dihybrid crosses where two independent alleles are investigated to determine the chances of two different characteristics occurring in the same individual. We also look at pedigree diagrams and how inheritance can be determined by using these diagrams.

  • Genetic mutation and biotechnology

    Episode 6

    We discuss the significance of genetic mutations and the ways in which mutations can take place. We also discuss the use of biotechnology to the benefit of humans.

  • Human nervous system: The Central nervous system

    Episode 7

    We discuss the central nervous system in humans and the different parts that make up the central nervous system as well as the function of the different parts.

  • Human nervous system:The peripheral nervous system and the reflex arc

    Episode 8

    We take a closer look at the peripheral nervous system and the functions thereof and we discuss reflex reactions with specific reference to the reflex arc.

  • The eye

    Episode 9

    We take a look at the different structures that occur in the eye and we take a closer look at the function of the eye and how the amount of light that enters the eye is controlled as well as the control of the lens in the eye to ensure that clearly focussed images are formed.

  • The Ear

    Episode 10

    We take a look at the structure of the Ear. We also take a look at the functions of hearing and balance that is played by the ear.