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Watch this video and more on Spongein

Grade 10 IsiZulu

Inkulumo – mbiko nenkulumo ngqo/ Direct speech


Up Next in Term 1

  • Iposta,isikhangiso neflaya/ Posters, ...

    Today we will be making short texts that convey a message. The documents we will do are the Poster/advertisement, the Flyer and filling out the form.

    Namhlanje sobe senza imibhalo emifishane edlulisa umyalezo. Imibhalo esizoyenza yiPosta / isikhangiso iFlaya nokugcwalisa ifomu.

  • Abalingiswa beNoveli Elokufa Alitshel...

    Today we will be refining the Novel. The novel we will use as an example is the book Elokufa Alitshel, written by M.M Ndlovu. After this Lesson you will know the following :
    - What is a Novel?
    - The characters of the novel.
    - Character types: important, small, flat and round.
    - The portrayal of c...

  • Ukuhluza inoveli kuyaqhubeka/ Novelo ...

    Today we will be making a Zulu novel. After this Lesson, you will know the following:
    - Introduction
    - Internal strife
    -Foreign conflict
    - Hindsight strategy
    -Prediction strategy
    - The climax
    - The conclusion
    - The message
    - Theme
    -The subject

    Namhlanje sobe senza inoveli yesiZulu. Emva kwalesi...