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Watch this video and more on Spongein

Grade 9 Natural Science

The spheres of the Earth

9m 16s

Up Next in Term 4

  • The structure of the earth and the ro...

    The rock cycle is a natural continuous process in which rocks form, break down and re-form over long periods of time. We look at the 3 types of rocks that play a role in the rock cycle.

  • Mining of mineral resources

    Mining forms part of an important industry in South Africa and many people depend on mining for a living. If you are interested in mining, this lesson looks at mining mineral resources.

  • Extracting ore and refining minerals

    We look at the process of extracting metal ores buried deep underground which is called mining, the metal ores are found in the earth’s crust in varying abundance. We look at how gold is extracted and the uses of it.