Grade 9 English

Grade 9 English

4 Seasons

Language is a tool for thought and communication. It is also a cultural and aesthetic means commonly shared among
a people to make better sense of the world they live in. Learning to use language effectively enables learners you to
acquire knowledge, to express identity, feelings and ideas, to interact with others, and to manage world. It
also provides you with a rich, powerful and deeply rooted set of images and ideas that can be used to make your
world other than it is; better and clearer. It is through language that cultural diversity and social relations
are expressed and constructed, and it is through language that such constructions can be altered, broadened and

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Grade 9 English
  • Preparing a speech

    Episode 1

    Don’t hyperventilate when it’s time to prepare a speech. This lesson will guide you through how to research and plan your topic to ensure perfect delivery using emotive language, pronouns and including your listener.

  • Transactional writing – Friendly/ informal letter

    Episode 2

    Letters are the original form of communication. Think about when you send your friend a message and how you write it, the purpose is the same but the difference is that you will use more terms and slang familiar to the both of you. In this lesson we study the composition of an informal letter.

  • Unprepared speaking

    Episode 3

    An unprepared speech can be daunting but it is a skill that you will use the rest of your life at social events, job interviews and meetings. This lesson will teach you the important things to note when you have to deliver a speech and to remember to engage the listener.

  • Literature paragraph

    Episode 4

    Novels and dramas highlight ideas, themes and lessons a literature paragraph helps in writing an in-depth understanding of what you’ve read using the PEEL structure. In this lesson we go deeper into how you can tackle a literature paragraph.

  • Transactional writing - Cover Letter

    Episode 5

    A cover letter goes with the CV when applying for a job, it is a way to impress prospective employers before they look at your CV. It must highlight why you would be good for the position and your attributes, qualifications and skills that will help the organisation.

  • Transactional writing:Directions & Instructions

    Episode 6

    We look at another transactional writing piece, instructions and giving directions. So let’s kill two birds with one stone.

  • Obituary

    Episode 7

    Obituary is an article written in memory of someone who has passed away. This lesson looks at the ways this article can be written to highlight their greatest moments and how amazing they were.

  • GAPS
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    Genre, audience, purpose and style is crucial when you are able to identify it in any test and apply it in pieces of writing.