Grade 9 EMS

Grade 9 EMS

4 Seasons

Grade 9 EMS is an educational course designed to introduce students to fundamental concepts in economics and business. This academic subject serves as a foundation for understanding the economic world around us, equipping students with essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions as future participants in the economy.

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Grade 9 EMS
  • Economy Price Theory – Demand and Supply

    Episode 1

    This lesson looks at supply and demand and looks at the supply curve in detail.

  • Business Sectors

    Episode 2

    There are three groups of businesses that exist in an economy. This lesson looks at businesses that are classified into 3 types and the sustainable resources in the sectors.

  • Price Theory Supply

    Episode 3

    We take a deeper dive into how to graphically illustrate the supply curve.

  • Relationship between equilibrium price and quantity

    Episode 4

    Market equilibrium is the point at which demand and supply are the same and demand equals supply. This lesson will explore the relationship between equilibrium price and quantity.

  • The three sectors of the economy

    Episode 5

    We will be finding out the types of businesses found in the three sectors.

  • Credit Sales

    Episode 6

    Credit sales are transactions that happen when customers purchase stock without using cash. This lesson will look at the advantages and disadvantages of credit sales and the National credit act.

  • Debtors journal and debtors allowance journal

    Episode 7

    Debtor's journals are used to record credit sales. This lesson will teach you how to account for these records.

  • Preparing a debtors allowance journal

    Episode 8

    Similar to the debtor's journal but different as the sales column is replaced with the debtor’s allowance.

  • Recording debtors payments and settements

    Episode 9

    The debtor will either make a full payment called a settlement or a part payment called installments. This lesson will go into details on how the receipts from the payment/s are recorded as a source document in the CRJ.

  • Credit sales recap

    Episode 10

    We continue to learn how to record debtors payments and settlements and we recap on credit sales.