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Watch this video and more on Spongein

Grade 8 Mathematics

Algebraic Expressions Part Two

4m 54s

Up Next in Term 2

  • Parts of Algebraic Expressions

    Building on the previous lessons we will proceed to learn about the different parts of an algebraic expression, the constant, the variable and the coefficient. We will then learn more about exponents and how to order expressions.

  • Algebraic Expressions Like and Unlike...

    Algebraic expressions are made up of terms and they are separated by a plus or minus sign. This lesson introduces you to like and unlike terms and how they intersect with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

  • Exponents Part 1

    An exponent is the number of times that a number is multiplied by itself. This lesson will focus more on calculations thus you will need to go back to revising the laws of exponents.