Grade 12 Business Studies

Grade 12 Business Studies

4 Seasons

The subject Business Studies deals with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values critical for informed, productive,
ethical and responsible participation in the formal and informal economic sectors. The subject encompasses business
principles, theory and practice that underpin the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, sustainable enterprises
and economic growth.

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Grade 12 Business Studies
  • Business sectors

    Episode 1

    In this lesson we you will learn about BUSINESS SECTORS AND THEIR ENVIRONMENTS.

  • Quality of performance

    Episode 2

    Here we will learn about Quality of performance. It measures the degree to which the product or Service satisfies the customer from the perspective of both quality of design and the quality of conformance.

  • Quality of performance part 2

    Episode 3

    Continue with quality performance and particularly focus on Total Quality Management/ TQM

  • Team performance and conflict

    Episode 4

    Discuss TEAM PERFORMANCE & CONFLICT MANAGEMENT. Team performance involves different people and different groups across your business working together to maximize their efficiency and reach a common goal.

  • Team performance and conflict part 2

    Episode 5

    Continue with Team performance and Conflict Management, particularly conflict management.

  • Management and leadership

    Episode 6

    We will kick off with a topic you are familiar with as you may have covered it since Grade 8, and that is MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP.

  • Investment: securities

    Episode 7

    Continue discussing MANAGEMENT AND LEADERSHIP.

  • Investment: securities part 2

    Episode 8

    We will kick off a new topic: INVESTMENT: SECURITIES. This is the first unit under Investments and we will cover Insurance at the start of the next term.

  • Investment: securities part 3

    Episode 9

    Continue with the topic INVESTMENT: SECURITIES. We will discuss the impact of the different Forms of investments.