Grade 12 Physical Sciences

Grade 12 Physical Sciences

3 Seasons

The grade 12 Physical Sciences curriculum typically covers two main branches: Physics and Chemistry. Students’ can expect topics such as Momentum, Newton's law, plastics and polymers , power , acids and bases and many more.

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Grade 12 Physical Sciences
  • Electric Circuits

    Episode 1

    Explore the flow of electricity through components like wires, resistors, and batteries, learning the basics of current, voltage, and resistance.

  • Electric Circuits: internal resistance

    Episode 2

    Delve into how internal resistance affects the flow of current within electric circuits, exploring its impact on voltage and power distribution.

  • Introduction to electrodynamics

    Episode 3

    Explore the fundamental principles governing the interaction between electric charges and magnetic fields, laying the foundation for understanding electromagnetism.

  • Electrodynamics: Motors

    Episode 4

    Discover how the principles of electromagnetism are applied to create motion in electric motors, exploring the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical work.

  • Matter and materias: The Photoelectric effect

    Episode 5

    Investigate how light interacts with matter, uncovering the phenomenon where photons liberate electrons from materials, forming the basis of modern photoelectric technology.

  • Matter and materials: Emission and Absorption

    Episode 6

    Dive into the fascinating world of matter interactions, examining how substances emit and absorb light, revealing key insights into their properties and behavior.

  • Redox Reactions

    Episode 7

    Uncover the dynamic exchange of electrons between substances, exploring how oxidation and reduction processes drive chemical transformations in physical science.

  • Electrochemical reactions

    Episode 8

    Explore the fascinating interplay of electricity and chemical reactions, investigating how electrons flow between substances to create electricity or drive chemical changes.

  • Electrochemical Cells

    Episode 9

    Delve into the world of electricity generation and chemical transformations, studying how redox reactions occur spontaneously to produce electrical energy in practical applications.

  • Electrochemical reactions in industry

    Episode 10

    Explore how electrochemical reactions drive key industrial processes, from metal production to wastewater treatment, revolutionizing manufacturing and sustainability efforts.