Grade 12 Physical Sciences

Grade 12 Physical Sciences

3 Seasons

The grade 12 Physical Sciences curriculum typically covers two main branches: Physics and Chemistry. Students’ can expect topics such as Momentum, Newton's law, plastics and polymers , power , acids and bases and many more.

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Grade 12 Physical Sciences
  • Momentum

    Episode 1

    Momentum is the product of an object’s mass and the velocity it possesses. In this lesson we learn how to use calculate momentum using the equation momentum equals mass multiplied by velocity.

  • Newtons 2nd Law Expressed in Terms of Momentum

    Episode 2

    Let’s learn about Newton’s 2nd law and how it is expressed in momentum as “the net force acting on an object is equal to the rate of change of its momentum.

  • Conservation of Momentum and Elastic and Inelastic Collisions

    Episode 3

    This lesson focuses on the differences between elastic and inelastic collisions, Let's tackle a few concepts.

  • Impulse

    Episode 4

    This lesson looks at impulse-momentum theorem and how to apply it.

  • Vertical Projectile Motion in 1D

    Episode 5

    This lesson looks at vertical projectile and how it deals with objects falling only vertically under the influence of gravity.

  • Organic Molecules: IUPAC Naming and Formulae

    Episode 6

    We look at the nomenclature rules of alkanes.

  • Structure, physical property & relationships

    Episode 7

    We look at the properties of the different homologous series and review the classification of physical properties.

  • Alkanes - Alcohol

    Episode 8

    We learn about differentiating between primary, secondary and tertiary alcohol and we draw the structural formula of alcohol.

  • Plastics and Polymers

    Episode 9

    Plastics and polymers are an example of man-made polymer that has a heap of benefits, such as plastic bags, however they can be detrimental to the environment.