Grade 12 English

Grade 12 English

4 Seasons

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Grade 12 English
  • Listening comprehension

    Episode 1

    Listening comprehensions are designed and conducted in order to test your listening skills, in this lesson we will learn how to sharpen our listening skills.

  • Unprepared Speech

    Episode 2

    Being able to speak on any topic with little to no preparation is a necessary skill everyone must have. In this lesson we will learn how to always stay prepared to speak on any topic without a doubt.

  • Essay writing: Discursive Essay

    Episode 3

    A discursive essay is a piece of writing with an objective, it aims to give a balanced view of both sides of an argument.

  • Transactional writing: Notice, Agenda and minutes

    Episode 4

    In every kind of meeting it is important to know how to write a notice, agenda and minutes. We go through how to write notice, agenda and minutes and what these terms mean and their formats.

  • Poetry Essay

    Episode 5

    A poetry essay is a piece of writing with an objective, it aims to analyze how the poet uses structure, tone, diction and imagery to get the message across.

  • Descriptive Essay

    Episode 6

    The aim of a descriptive essay is to show the reader what you want them to see or feel. Going back to knowing how to use figures of speech and grammar.

  • Shakespeare 101

    Episode 7

    In this lesson we give out tips on how to understand Shakespeare English better and be able to interpret it to normal English.

  • Summary writing

    Episode 8

    A great summary will help in improving your reading and analyzing skills. This lesson covers the steps for how to write a summary by going through an example.

  • Studying a drama

    Episode 9

    A drama is a form of literature that is written to be performed on a stage. In this lesson we go through the steps of understanding a drama when studying it.

  • Trigonometry: Identities

    Episode 10

    In this lesson, we will learn about Trigonometry and we will focus on identities. By the end of this lesson, you will have the know-how to use trig- identities to solve trigonometry problems.