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Grade 11 Life Sciences

Biodiversity of plants


Up Next in Term 1

  • Plant reproduction: Dependence on wat...

    We take a closer look at the dependence of certain plant divisions on water in order for reproduction to take place and we also discuss the differences between sexual and asexual reproduction in plants. We discuss the alternation of generation in the life cycle of plants.

  • Flowers as reproductive structures, p...

    We discuss flowers are reproductive structures and we look at the different parts of the flower and the role that they play in reproduction. We also discuss pollination and the different types of pollination and the means of pollination that takes place. Lastly, we look at the importance of see...

  • Introduction to animal diversity and ...

    We look at the different features of the body plans of animals including symmetry, cephalization, number of tissue layers, the number of gut openings, and the presence of body cavities and how these are used to classify the different animal species.