Grade 11 Essential English

Grade 11 Essential English

4 Seasons

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Grade 11 Essential English
  • Direct and indirect speech

    Episode 1

    In this lesson we explore the different techniques when using direct and indirect speech, as well as the term of grammatical construction in which these speeches are made.

  • Parts of speech

    Episode 2

    In this lesson we will learn how to name and explain the parts of speech, be able to recognize them in the context of a sentence, be able to define each part of speech and be able to explain the uses of each part of speech.

  • Comprehension/Analysing skills

    Episode 3

    The most important life skill you will need is listening but not only listening to answer but to understand the subject presented.

  • Figures of speech ( Comparisons, Contradictions and sound devices )

    Episode 4

    In this lesson we will learn how to define figures of speech, identify and differentiate figures of speech and use different figures of speech in the context of sentences.

  • Figures of speech ( Exaggeration and understatements )

    Episode 5

    In todays lesson we will continue with the different types of figures of speech and their figurative meanings.

  • Essays

    Episode 6

    In this lesson we learn how to understand the function of essays, demonstrate different writing techniques, learn about and understand the different essays structures.

  • Formal/Informal writing

    Episode 7

    In this lesson we learn how to identify the elements of a letter, applying the elements to write a formal/informal letter.

  • Agenda and minutes

    Episode 8

    In every kind of meeting it is important to know how to write an agenda and minutes. We go through how to write agenda and minutes and what these terms mean and their formats.

  • Oral communication

    Episode 9

    We will look at oral communication in todays lesson, the exchange of information and ideas through spoken words.

  • Poetry
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    A poem is an arrangement in written form, it creates images by making use of different poetic devices. In this lesson we learn how to analyze various elements of poetry, identify a variety of forms and genres of poetry and recognize the rhythm and other musical aspects of poetry.