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Watch this video and more on Spongein

Grade 10 Physical Sciences

Pure substances elements and compounds

7m 57s

Up Next in Term 1

  • Names and formulae of substances

    We deep dive into the importance of naming compounds , understanding chemical formulae examples and rules around nonmetals and metalloids and role of magnetism and concept of electromagnetism.

  • State of matter and the kinetic theor...

    This lesson will help you understand the kinetic molecular theory, define diffusion and link it to the Brownian motion, investigate the characteristics of all 3 phases of matter using the kinetic theory of matter and define evaporation, melting and freezing point. Also condensation and finally su...

  • The anatomy of an atom

    This lesson investigates the fundamentals of an atom and its history, we learn about different atomic models and experiments done by various scientists to prove these phenomena and SI units of measurements used and the numerical constants utilized in this section.

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