Grade 10 Life Sciences

Grade 10 Life Sciences

4 Seasons

Grade 10 Life Sciences is an engaging and comprehensive course designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the biological sciences. This stage of the curriculum focuses on building on the knowledge gained in previous grades while developing deeper into more advanced concepts.

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Grade 10 Life Sciences
  • The circulatory system

    Episode 1

    In this lesson we look at the different types of circulatory systems that exist and we look at the structure of the heart and the human circulatory system.

  • Double circulatory system

    Episode 2

    We take a look at the double circulatory system in humans and the structure of the different blood vessels that are responsible for carrying the blood throughout the body.

  • The cardiac cycle

    Episode 3

    We investigate the different phases of the cardiac cycle and which parts of the heart are contracting and relaxing during each of the phases.

  • The lymphatic system

    Episode 4

    We look at the lymphatic system and the different parts that make up the lymphatic system. We also look at the connection between the lymphatic system and the circulatory system in humans.

  • The biosphere and biomes

    Episode 5

    We focus on the different spheres of the Earth and the interaction of those with the biosphere. We look at the different types of Biomes that occur in South Africa and the plants and animals that are characteristic of each of the Biomes.

  • Ecosystems and the abiotic

    Episode 6

    We look at the different factors that make up ecosystems and look at how the abiotic factors in the ecosystem influences the biotic factors.

  • The water cycle

    Episode 7

    We take a look at how water and carbon cycles between the different spheres and what processes are involved in each of the cycles.

  • Oxygen cycle and nitrogen cycle

    Episode 8

    We discuss the cycling of oxygen and nitrogen in the environment and the different organisms and processes that are involved in these cycles.

  • Biotic components of ecosytems and energy flow

    Episode 9

    We take a look at the different biotic factors in ecosystems and how they are related to each other. WE look at how the energy flows from one level in the ecosystem to the next by discussing food chains and food webs and we look at the different types of ecological pyramids that we can define.

  • Ecotourism

    Episode 10

    We discuss ecotourism and the different stakeholders in ecotourism ventures as well as the benefits and the problems that can be associated with ecotourism ventures.