Grade 10 English

Grade 10 English

4 Seasons

Grade 10 English covers a wide range of important topics, which are as follows: letters; advertisements; argumentative essay writing; debating; unprepared speeches; prepared speeches; narrative essay writing; listening comprehension; and descriptive essay writing. Term 1 works on building your skills in a number of areas in order to ensure that you know how to read, write and analyse effectively.

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Grade 10 English
  • Application Letter

    Episode 1

    The letter of application is like a personal sales letter for when you are applying for a job. Knowing how to use your writing skills can help in selling your personality and qualifications to your future employee.

  • Email

    Episode 2

    Electronic mail writing is a skill that you will use throughout your career. An email can be professional and often formal depending on who is the recipient.

  • Reading Comprehension

    Episode 3

    We break down the skills needed to successfully analyse and answer comprehension questions. We will also look at possible question types and some extra skill tips that could potentially help you further.

  • Paragraph Writing

    Episode 4

    Paragraphs provide a framework for organising your ideas in logical order. In this lesson we learn about how to set this clear structure to help guide your reader through your written work.

  • Character Sketch

    Episode 5

    A character sketch is a quick rendering of a character, in order to write a character sketch you need to ask yourself questions about your character in novels or plays.

  • Identifying a theme in a text

    Episode 6

    We look at ways to identify themes in literary work to draw meaning from a story.

  • Introduction to studying a drama

    Episode 7

    A drama is a type of literature that can be adapted to a play which can be performed in front of an audience. In this lesson we learn how to study and interpret a drama.

  • Symbolism

    Episode 8

    We’re going to be discussing how to identify symbols in literature. By the end of the lesson, you’ll hopefully be able to identify symbols and link them to literature.

  • Poetry

    Episode 9

    Poetry is a written piece which one uses to express their feelings or get a message across for the readers to feel or imagine. In this lesson we go through how to analyze a poem.

  • Literature summary

    Episode 10

    Literature is a written or spoken material which includes poetry, drama, novels and plays meant to be read. In this lesson we use the PEEL method to analyse literature.