Grade 10 English

Grade 10 English

4 Seasons

Grade 10 English covers a wide range of important topics, which are as follows: letters; advertisements; argumentative essay writing; debating; unprepared speeches; prepared speeches; narrative essay writing; listening comprehension; and descriptive essay writing. Term 1 works on building your skills in a number of areas in order to ensure that you know how to read, write and analyse effectively.

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Grade 10 English
  • Transactional writing - letters

    Episode 1

    Letter writing is an important communication device. In this lesson, we will be learning what the purpose of the letter is and how to write it and at the end of the lesson you will be able to recognise the difference between a basic informal letter and a formal letter.

  • Visual Literacy - Advertisements

    Episode 2

    We focus on visual literacy in advertisements and we go over the components of analysing images used in adverts and to interpret meaning and intent.

  • Argumentative essay

    Episode 3

    Writing a compelling argumentative is a good skill to have as you have the ability to express opposing views by giving good reason and citing evidence to support your opinion.

  • Listening and speaking - the debate

    Episode 4

    Knowing how to conduct and present a debate is useful. This lesson goes through the skills required to put forward a strong and valuable argument.

  • Unprepared speech

    Episode 5

    When life throws an unprepared speech opportunity your way don’t lose confidence. Rather let this lesson teach you technique on how to handle them well.

  • Prepared speech

    Episode 6

    A prepared speech takes away the nerves that come with having to present your ideas and opinions. You can use these skills to write a compelling speech and discover your voice.

  • Narrative essays

    Episode 7

    Narrative essays tell a story and being able to write a brilliant one can clarify your thinking and stimulate your imagination in telling stories creatively.

  • Listening comprehension

    Episode 8

    The most important life skill you will need is listening but not only listening to answer but to understand the subject presented.

  • Descriptive Essay writing

    Episode 9

    The aim of a descriptive essay is to show the reader what you want them to see or feel. Going back to knowing how to use figures of speech and grammar.

  • Advertising part 2

    Episode 10

    Advertisements are an extremely important part of the grade 10 syllabus, so in this lesson, we’ll be taking another look at how to analyse print advertisements.